On April 2019, Injectronic announced the CJ7S, the first product with Android© operating system which includes a HABRIBOARD to add hardware and software functionality for automotive diagnostics

Android© devices have add-on peripherals such as a portable keyboard and modem, but these don’t compare with CJ7S’s possibilities. When you slide a HABRIBOARD module into the slot, the CJ7S immediately loads the required program or user can select the right one.

This, undoubtedly, is the coolest feature. The list of modules in development generally fit into three categories: automotive diagnostics, data acquisition/oscilloscopes and information systems. So far, an automotive scantool and oscilloscope modules are available, but several more are about to be released to include TPMS, information systems, J2534 reflashing and third party applications

Android© mobile devices have been around for some time with variation of look, size and capabilities. But there's something new lurking in that familiar platform, something that will open up a new world of peripheral expansion that Injectronic envisioned, called HAbriBoard. It's a new 64-pin socket that will be a jumping off point for the Android© hardware universe to become so much more than a tablet.

To make things even easier for the user, the HABriboard specification calls for complete plug-and-play hot-swapability. 

To enable faster and easier acceptance of the HAbriboard, it was designed using standard 64 pin card edge connector. This will make it easier for designers to build cards that are compatible with HABriboard, and enable them to use the same, readily-available sockets and enclosures. To encourage the spread of the HABriboard's standard, Injectronic is licensing the technology for developers, and also offering distribution of new modules for the automotive service industry

It is clear that the HABriboard expansion slot gives peripheral designers just the gateway they've been looking for into the Android© marketplace. There are a number of developers with products for the automotive service industry that will rival sealed solutions with limited hardware/software expandability and flexibility to tap ever changing needs of the users, just to mention a market segment.